Back online - 2nd time

Submitted by sexsibility_admin on 2016-01-04

So, we're back online - again! We've upgraded the web hosting service from Linux/Litespeed to Linux/Apache and PHP 5 in order to be able to install the brand and shiny new Drupal 8. And in that process we bumped into some technical issues concerning the .se and .com domains, redirects, DNS, and the lot. After the hard work of the technical support at our web hosting service, we seem to be up and running again. The domain does not redirect to this domain .com - yet. But we just recently fiddled with the DNS settings for that redirect, so that just might take an hour or two for the DNS servers to catch up. Anyhow, this domain - - is the important; basic; primarily domain, and it's up and running now. Drupal 8 looks fine. Now we're just going to do some tweaking and setting and restoring of the old site's contents. It will take a while, so bear with us and be a little patient. Welcome back <3