SEXsibilityfestivalen 2012

Förra årets festival


The sexsibility festival

a short presentation

Meet lust, life and sexuality in beautiful Skeppsudden, close to nature and close to the sea. Sexsibilityfestivalen - the festival om sexisibilty is the intimate festival where you can meet now and old friends, participate in workshops or just enjoy life. You get the chance to challange yourself, your beliefs and make life a little bigger, more beautifu and more pleasurable, using experiences that enrich you.

The workshops covers topics like tantra, shame, presence, conscious kink, open relationships, vaginarts, finding your yes and no, vunerability, touch, bdsm, orgasms, playfulness, mediation, whips...

During the festival you will experience some of northern europes most interesting workshopleaders like: Åsa Kullberg - dearmoring, Sara Brorsen Skaarup - open relationships,  Sara Marin & Diana - everyday tantra , Ruby May, Johan Ekenberg - sex a highway to God, Pia Struck - intimate sexuality, Lorenzo Stiernquist- dare to be close, Calle & Jennie Finding your Yes/No, Smrati - divine tantra, Alexander & Charlotte - no shame and many more. Some of the workshops will be in english and some in swedish. If you have trouble with swedish we will try to find a translator for you.

The fee is 5200 SEK, including vegetarian food, all the workshops and a place to raise your tent. You can get a more meaty food-option (+150 SEK) and sleep indoors (+250 SEK).  There is a earlybird option (4 900 SEK) if you pay before june 15th. 
If you want to know more and if you want to register use the form Anmälan to your left or send an e-mail to or call +46 70 6167242.